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Autism Voices USA is more than just an advocacy group for those who are on the Autism spectrum; it is an organization and outreach program run by Autistic people for Autistic people. This is an advocacy group for adults on the spectrum, and we are not fighting Autism; we are spreading Autism acceptance. We want to lobby and fight for equality and speak to Congress, lawmakers, teachers, parents, caregivers, and many more to spread more understanding and acceptance of those on the spectrum.

We share resources for Autistic adults who are 18 and older of all ages. We also have monthly meetings about news, media, jobs, schools, events, and other happenings in the Autism community. We also have resources for families, caregivers, first responders, employers, and others to help to better accommodate and treat Autistic people, because many Autism groups only cover self- advocacy skills. But if we really want to advocate for ourselves, we have to point others to Autism resources. Again, we are not here to cure Autism; we are here to show others what it's like to be Autistic and how to help those of us on the spectrum.

We want to bridge the gap between the Autistic and non-Autistic world, spreading awareness, acceptance, and positivity while also fighting against discrimination and dispelling myths about Autism. We do not endorse organizations which have tried to cure Autism or who endorse ABA therapy. Furthermore, we do not endorse any individual who sympathizes with harmful organizations. We do not support any vaccine rhetoric or any therapy which is not backed by science.

We hope that many Autistic people will break the silence and join our movement to spread love, acceptance, positivity, and hope and stop hatred and discrimination and stand for what is right.

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Northern Lights represents the Autism Spectrum. Autism Acceptance.
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