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Mission and Vision

The mission of Autism Voices USA is to unite Autistic people in the USA and around the world, starting with Atlanta, GA and advocate for ourselves and lobby for change by speaking to Congress, lawmakers, legislators, police, and others. We also want to educate the public though Autism Acceptance Marches during Autism Acceptance Month, panels, and speeches. These speeches, panels, and marches are to bring more attention to our great cause.

The vision of Autism Voices USA (AVUSA) is that teachers, parents, caregivers, lawmakers, legislators, and many others will understand and accept Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and know what is and is not Autism. Bullying, harassment, assault, abuse, neglect, and murder of Autistic children, teenagers, and adults will be reduced. Wage theft and unlawful and unjust treatment of Autistic individuals in the workplace will also be reduced and those committing those crimes will be punished more severely. Autistic people in the USA and around the world will be united and our marches will send a very powerful message. Finally, when we lobby for change, more protections for Autistic people will be in place for the safety, well-being, and dignity for those on the spectrum.


Image by Greg Rakozy. Mission and Vision. Autism Voices USA
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